International Conference on Workplace Stress and Anxiety Disorder 

12-13 February 2022

The Conference

Two Days of Powerful Talks
12-13 February, 2022
09:00 am

The 2022 ICWSAD will give special attention to the workplace of the future. Just what does the future hold for employers and for workers? As the world copes with growing economic, political, environmental and social changes, what can organizations do to sustain the health and productivity of their workers? How do we design and manage organizations to accommodate the needs and use the skills of a changing workforce? As how we work evolves, technology continues to advance at a rapid pace and gives rise to new forms of work arrangements, including gig work, remote teams, and working alongside or in support of automated processes. How will these new work arrangements and other technological developments change our jobs and workplaces?

Scope of the Conference: 

ICWSAD 2022 Welcomes multidisciplinary high-quality papers concerned with the psychological, social and organizational aspects of occupational health and well-being, and stress and safety management, health psychologists, work and organizational psychologists, those involved with organizational development, and all concerned with the interplay of work, health and organisations.

The conference also welcomes manuscripts relating to psychologically salient features of the work environment to their psychological, behavioural and health consequences, focusing on the underlying psychological processes, research on the work-family interface, social relations at work (including topics such as bullying and conflict at work, leadership and organizational support), workplace interventions and reorganizations, and dimensions and outcomes of worker stress and well-being. Such dimensions and outcomes, both positive and negative, include stress, burnout, sickness absence, work motivation, work engagement and work performance.


Also not limiting to above topics, submissions addressing other topics in occupational health psychology, Work-life balance, Anxiety disorders due to work pressures are also welcomed.


About ICWSAD 2022

Multiple Industrialists and researchers from various nations will be presenting at the International Conference on Workplace stress and Anxiety Disorders. Also, Enliven at work ( from Emani Group will conduct a workshop that includes Fun at work activities for all the participants. This conference is organized by the Enliven at work private limited. The participants will have an opportunity to publish their manuscripts that are presented at the conference in reputed indexed proceedings and Journals. 










Proud to bring inspirational speakers from across the globe



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October 30, 2021


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